Organic Is Better

A new study by Newcastle University shows that milk from organic, grass-fed cows is better for you. This shouldn't come as a shock to anyone. Of course organic and natural anything is going to be much better than its factory farmed and pesticide laden equivalent. Nonetheless, this sort of research is vital to provide empirical evidence of the qualitative difference and to understand exactly how it is better.

In this specific case, organic and naturally grazed animals produce milk that is much higher in antioxidants, beneficial fatty acids, and vitamins. It also demonstrates that the quality changes with the seasons. It is healthiest in the summer, when fresh grass and clover is abundant. Future research will seek ways to boost the nutritional value in winter months.

Milk itself is an interesting study in nutrition. Raw milk from a clean source is much better for you than pasteurized milk. Homogenized milk should be avoided because the process of homogenization causes the milk fats to alter in ways that make it impossible to digest properly.

Dietary guidelines call for limiting whole fat dairy products. A little is okay, but too much can be bad for you.

Organic and natural foods deliver the best nutritional value. They always have more of the nutrients your body needs to stay fit and healthy. And they taste much better! It's win-win.



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