Eat Right, All the Time

Stop dieting! People are messing up their health with crazy diets all the time. That's no way to get healthy and fit! They'll eat nothing but grapefruit and pickles for a month in order to lose a lot of weight. It works. It's unhealthy, but you can lose a ton of weight that way. Then you get it all back and more when the diets is over and you wind up in worse shape then when you started. A few months later another fad diet comes along and it's back on the not-so-merry go round

A healthy diet is the way you eat every day for your entire life. Losing weight is a benefit, not the main goal. The main goal is to get fit and healthy and stay that way. You can't do that by bouncing on and off some diet program. So forget about dieting and just start eating healthy for the rest of your longer and healthier life.

Get Motivated To Get Fit

It can be difficult to get motivated sometimes, even to do something that you know is important to your health and well-being like starting to get fit and healthy. You know you should. You really have to do it. But it's just so much easier to put it off. Maybe tomorrow. Or next week, definitely next week. But next week comes and goes, and then another week, and another, and you still haven't started.

Well, here are a few things you can do to get that motivation revved up.

First, make realistic goals and start small. If you overreach, you're bound to fail and get discouraged. Time and again I've seen people get all excited about getting fit and healthy and go from never working out to doing forty minutes a day... until a few weeks later when they get burned out and give it up completely. Start small. Take a five or ten minute walk, or do five minutes on your ski machine every day for a week. Then go for eight. Then twelve. Build on small successes.

Find some inspiration. There are lots of people achieving what you want to achieve. Seek them out. On the web, in articles and forums and on blogs, or at the health club or gym. Put yourself in their place. Visualization is a powerful tool to help you succeed no matter what the endeavor. Make a mental image of your success and get excited about it. But don't be impatient. Instead, create anticipation with a positive attitude. You will get there. Every day is another mile on the journey. Don't just focus on the destination, enjoy the journey. Focus on the benefits. Stop negative thinking and keep a positive attitude. Don't make obstacles for yourself with, as Zig Ziglar famously put it, "Stinking thinking." Get excited by visualizing your success.

Find others who have the same goal and get some support. Join an online forum. Seek out people in your community. If you want to start bicycling, look up a bicycling club. It's always easier to keep going if you have friends to go along with you.